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How we're helping clubs through coronavirus

Our development manager for clubs and coaching Niall Judge says we know how tough it is right now and outlines the support available through Club Matters.

8th April 2020

I’d like to start this blog by saying thank you.

Thank you to all the clubs and organisations that are currently connecting communities, keeping people active and looking after everyone around them during this difficult time.

It would have been very easy to start this blog with a negative, as we know how tough the current situation is and how great the coronavirus challenge will be for clubs in the days and weeks ahead.

But that wouldn’t do justice to the fantastic and exceptional work that so many people are doing at sport and physical activity clubs and organisations all over the country.

It feels wrong to pick just one example, but our Club Matters team have produced this video about Brighton Table Tennis Club, which we believe perfectly illustrates the impact clubs are having on their communities.


What this video really embodies is that the people who make up a club or organisation can really make the difference. By reaching out to members, staying connected to your committees and your organisers, you can continue to be the focal point for so many even when it is impossible to meet in person.

We’d love you to get in touch with your own stories and examples of how you’re keeping your club going so please email us at with what you’ve been up to.

Sports clubs and organisations are very important to us. We know they provide a great way for people to be physically active and stay socially connected. We know they positively contribute towards the mental wellbeing of their communities. We know they create our next generation of talented athletes, and that they provide millions of opportunities every week for volunteering and coaching.

Sadly, we also know the coronavirus pandemic has made things very difficult for England’s 72,000 sports clubs, their 4.6 million volunteers and 11 million members.


Many of you have been in touch and we know how worried you are. 

Questions such as ‘when will be able to start playing again?’, ‘how many of our members will come back?’ and ‘how will we manage financially?’ have been common.

We don’t have the answers to all those questions right now, but we are doing all we can to help you through it as much as possible.

Last week we announced our Community Emergency Fund, which we’d encourage clubs in financial difficulties to look very closely at, and Club Matters has also produced some practical advice for getting through the next few weeks and months.

Understanding financial support and business rates

We know clubs are structured in lots of different ways, which means that getting to the bottom of what support is available can be difficult.

We’ve gathered lots of the information available to help you decide what the best option is for you.

Business continuity, financial planning and securing your premises

These might not sound like the most interesting tasks, but right now they will help you plan for the short and medium-term impact of coronavirus.

Operating your club virtually and keeping in touch with people

Staying connected with your committee and making decisions doesn’t need to stop. There’s lots of ways that you can connect via video so that committee meetings, subgroups and even AGMs can still take place.

You can find some quick tips about working online here, including the ways you can maximise social media.


We can’t predict the future right now, but we know the impact sports clubs and organisations have will be more important than ever in the weeks to come.

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