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Transition: managing through change

This page is all about one of our four goals for 2021-22 - keep reading, or go to our main year 1 implementation plan page.

Year 1 implementation plan

In a year during which we’ll be managing work that’s already started, be responsive to the changing Covid-19 situation, and shift what we’re doing around Uniting the Movement’s big issues, we’ll need to work with our partners to re-orientate our relationships and the work we do together around our ambitions for the future.

As an organisation, we’ll be continuing, adapting, reducing or ending the work of previous strategies, so everything we’re doing is aligned.

We know we’ll need to stay flexible and adaptable this year more than most. So, one of our major focuses will be keeping colleagues and our wide network of partners updated and informed through this year of transition, and as we develop our 2022-25 implementation plan.

The year ahead is hard to predict with any certainty, so we’ll need to adapt to changing circumstances and challenges. We’ll make changes to this plan as and when they’re needed, but we commit to communicating those changes well. If we start, stop, reduce or increase any areas of work, we’ll explain internally to colleagues and externally to partners what we’re doing and why.

We also want to develop an approach to learning that collates and applies knowledge and insight from across our organisation, ensuring we use this to shape our decisions. 

We do need to complete, or in some cases continue, the work of our previous Towards an Active Nation strategy, where commitments have been made or plans are incomplete. We’ll review all this work and make sure any ‘old’ programmes that need to be completed or continued are done in line with the principles and ambitions of Uniting the Movement.

What we'll do

Permanent adoption of more agile and flexible working arrangements

Maximise the beneficial changes that have come from adapting how we work as a consequence of Covid-19.

How we'll do it

We’ll manage a safe return to offices and face-to-face working, and embed more agile and flexible working as standard.

Evaluation and learning from our previous strategy

Learn from our previous strategy, Towards an Active Nation, to help further Uniting the Movement.

How we'll do it

We’ll extract, evaluate and learn from our previous strategy to inform our decisions, and design a new evaluation approach to measure progress against the ambitions of Uniting the Movement.

Transition of existing work

Transition from Towards an Active Nation to Uniting the Movement, with the continuation of some projects and the winding down and closure of others.

How we'll do it

We’ll manage, monitor and evaluate the projects and programmes we supported through Towards an Active Nation, working closely with partners on the transition process.

Measuring success

Redefine how we measure and report on the success of Uniting the Movement, so we can evidence the progress being made by us and all those involved in supporting sport and physical activity.

How we'll do it

We’ll continue to track the activity levels and patterns of adults and children in England with our Active Lives Adult and Active Lives Children and Young People surveys, publishing the data for the whole sector to use.

We’ll also develop further indicators of performance against our objectives, and we'll collaborate with partners to agree the most effective ways of measuring the success of our individual investments and partnerships.

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