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Transform: revolutionising how we work

This page is all about one of our four goals for 2021-22 - keep reading, or go to our main year 1 implementation plan page.

Year 1 implementation plan

To deliver the ambitions of Uniting the Movement, we know we need to continue to evolve the way we operate and work – being truly dynamic, flexible and highly collaborative.

The five catalysts for change in Uniting the Movement are the specific capabilities, information, approaches and relationships that can drive progress and change within our organisation and among partners.

We want to make the best of our people, our insight and our investment to realise our vision in a way that’s in line with our values, so that the benefits of – and barriers to – sport and physical activity are collectively understood and embedded.

Revolutionising the way we work means ensuring our people, culture, systems and processes actively support collaboration and tackle the inequalities in sport and physical activity.

This work has already begun, scoping out what the major areas of focus need to be for us to be best placed to deliver, and how we intend to make the changes needed.

It’s the start of a long-term journey of change for us – we don’t expect to be able to transform entirely in one year. But making some important early changes is crucial if we’re to truly realise our strategy’s ambitions.

Catalysts for change

An icon for the effective investment models catalyst

Effective investment models

We’re committed to improving our investment approaches, so they’re relevant to the diverse organisations with a role to play in Uniting the Movement.

We’ll create a simpler and more efficient system to support our investment processes through a new Investment Management
System, which will be implemented by the autumn.

We’ll also develop a clear menu of investment approaches, plus simplified access to our open funding.

An icon for the realising the power of people and leadership catalyst

Realising the power of people and leadership

We’ll develop our organisation’s people and leadership by focusing on skills and competencies needed to deliver our strategy, alongside focused action on diversity and inclusion.

Our organisational values will be further embedded in the ways we work individually, collectively and externally. This will complement work with partners to co-produce and roll out leadership development across the sector.

An icon for the applying innovation and data catalyst

Applying innovation and digital

We'll identify the critical opportunities for innovation and digital skills and capabilities that can be applied by both us and our partners, to maximise our collective impact on inequalities. 

These will be prioritised in an iterative plan, which will help us to start to embed them into our everyday ways of working and to deliver our shared ambition.

An icon for the high-quality data, insight and learning catalyst

High-quality data, insight and learning

We’re committed to identifying and prioritising the data, insight and learning needed to deliver Uniting the Movement, to help inform our decisions and shape what we do.

We’ll ensure we’re set up in the right way, both culturally and practically, so we can do this.

An icon for the good governance catalyst

Good governance

We’ll publish our refreshed Code for Sports Governance, which sets out the levels of transparency, accountability and financial integrity required from those who ask for government and National Lottery funding and is a crucial mechanism to drive improved leadership standards, diversity and cultural change through our sector.

A support package will also be launched in partnership with UK Sport to help funded partners meet its requirements.

Our other work

We'll also focus on these other important organisational changes:

Revise our organisational structure and ways of working

Ensure our capacity and resource is best placed to deliver our strategy

Integrate our strategy's guiding principles into everything we do

Our strategy is an evolution of what we do, and a revolution of how we do it. We’ll be guided by three principles:

  1. Investing most in those that need it most
  2. The right blend of national and local action
  3. Simple as standard.

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