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Plan: implementing our strategy

This page is all about one of our four goals for 2021-22 - keep reading, or go to our main year 1 implementation plan page.

Year 1 implementation plan

While we’re delivering the essential work we’ve outlined in this year of transition, we also need to think longer term about implementing Uniting the Movement.

This means we need to create a longer-term plan, which will be for 2022-25, and consider what needs to be in place this year to be ready for that plan.

It will use the foundations laid out in this first year, and be shaped in the context of what the next 10 years could look like.

This year will also see the build-up to the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, and we want to play a role in making the event and its legacy successful, in line with the ambitions of Uniting the Movement.

What we'll do

Implementation planning to 2025

Plan for the implementation of our strategy up until 2025, including clear and transparent communications around it.

How we'll do it

In the first half of 2021-22, we’ll be working with partners and stakeholders to develop the implementation plan for Uniting the Movement for 2022-25.

Click here to take part in the online consultation. We’re aiming to launch our implementation plan by the end of September, if circumstances allow.

Investment approach for partners integral to the sport and activity system

Confirm the approach to long-term investments and develop systems and processes to foster a learning culture. This will be a vital element of our future delivery.

How we'll do it

We’ll work with partners with a major role to play in implementing Uniting the Movement, including NGBs and Active Partnerships, to review our approach to future investment in the spring and summer of 2021. We’ll confirm future investment levels for the majority of existing partners by the autumn.

Investment info football and multi-sport community facilities

Deliver community football facilities in acknowledgement of the reach and popularity of football with our priority groups.

Of this work, a percentage will be focused on delivering football-led multi-sport community facilities, so that other sports can benefit from our investment. We’ll target our funding at the areas of greatest need where our investment will have the biggest impact.

How we'll do it

We’ll deliver a multi-million pound investment into community football facilities, including small-sided facilities, through the Football Foundation, and together with our partners the Premier League, The FA, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and various stakeholders.

This investment will aim to deliver a new multi-sport approach, acknowledging that football is the most popular team sport, but facilities have more impact in a community where several sports and activities can be played.

Cross-government influence and advocacy

Influence and advocate for the power of movement, ensuring it’s at the heart of the government’s work and central to future decision-making.

How we'll do it

We’ll advocate for the role of movement, sport and physical activity in government programmes, policy and ongoing reforms, e.g. prevention, education recovery, planning reforms; and lay the groundwork to embed advocacy as a core pillar in our strategy long term.

Commonwealth Games 2022

Maximise the impact of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games to ensure a successful local and national legacy.

How we'll do it

We’ll continue to work locally with Birmingham City Council, other local authorities in the West Midlands and the Combined Authority to invest in the facilities and activation for the Games. We’ll influence to make those facilities as useful as possible to the local community after the event.

As we contribute to the creation of regional legacy plans, we’ll work with local communities to encourage increases in physical activity that are sustainable.

To give young talented athletes a connection to the Games and encourage their future development, we’ll work closely with the providers of talent pathways. We’ll focus on inclusion and a positive culture in those talent programmes, so our international teams become more representative of our country.

We’ll also work with the DCMS and other national partners on national legacy plans to support engagement and activity across the country, stimulated by the Games.

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