Outdoor activity findings unveiled

20 June 2015 Research

Decreased stress and stronger family relationships are just two of the standout findings from a new insight report into the outdoor activity market launched by Sport England and the Outdoors Industries Association.

The report, 'Getting Active Outdoors: A study of demography, motivation, participation and provision in outdoor sport and recreation in England', examines the demand and supply of the outdoor activity market.

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With over 9,000 providers serving nine million people currently active in the outdoors sector – a three per cent increase compared to the previous year – the in-depth findings reveal the motivations behind those who are active outdoors and where growth may come from in future. 

“Knowing what people want from their sporting experience is essential if we’re going to make the opportunities absolutely right for them,” said Sport England CEO Jennie Price. “This report will help us to understand further the outdoors and the opportunities it presents.”

Covering activities on snow, water, mountains and urban spaces, the report examines the eight participant segment groups – the Explorer, the Challenger, Fitness in Nature, the Tribe Member, the Adventurer, the Learner, the Freestyler and the Thrill Seeker – and delves into the reasons for being active outside across all ages and life stages.

"This is a fundamental piece of research and will drive Sport England’s insight into the outdoor sector," said Andrew Denton, CEO of the Outdoor Industries Association. "I would urge any organisation that has an interest in the Outdoor sector to engage with its findings.”

Take a look and find out more about the report, which includes information on a series of 10 free interactive workshops we will be holding across England this summer to help you make the most of this new insight.