Market segmentation

Our market segmentation has been designed to help understand the life stages and attitudes of different population groups –and the sporting interventions most likely to engage them

30 June 2017

The market segmentation data builds on the results of Sport England’s Active People survey; the Department of Culture, Media and Sport's Taking Part survey; and the Mosaic tool from Experian. It presents a picture of the dominant social groups in each area, and puts people’s sporting behaviour in the context of complex lives.

Propensity modelling – a statistical technique that matches the probability of displaying a particular behaviour or attitude to each demographic category – was used to link the survey data to wider population groups.

This created a tool with two key elements:

  • a Sport England segment for every adult in England
  • the ability to count market segment profiles for any region or community, down to postcode level.

For more information, visit the FAQ section of the Sport Market Segmentation tool.