Economic Value of Sport in England (2010) (National)

The Economic Value of Sport report published in July 2013 is based on research commissioned by Sport England and carried out by AMION Consulting

This report forms part of Sport England’s ongoing commitment to building evidence for the value of sport, giving a national insight into the contribution sport makes to the economy and the relative economic importance of playing or watching sport.

In addition, it demonstrates the impact of sport:

  • Expenditure
  • Employment
  • Volunteering, health and wellbeing benefits.

What can it be used for?

  • Political and policy decision-makers and influencers can use the findings to illustrate the contribution that sport makes to the economy and its value to wider policy areas
  • Commercial partners can utilise the findings to demonstrate the value that sport brings and to support negotiation and commercial partnerships
  • National stakeholders (such as national governing bodies or national partners) can highlight the findings to make the case for community sport and specific demographic groups
  • The research is also of use to the wider sector including delivery partners and academics in showing the value of sport in England.

Following this report, Sport England commissioned further research on the local economic impact of sport leading to the development of a tool – which at the basic level provides a snapshot of the indicative economic value of sports activities for a local authority or local enterprise partnership area through participation, non-participation and valuing the wider benefits. Where more local data is available this can be added to refine the results. It can also be used to assess the economic impact of changes such as an increase or decrease in participation numbers and the effect, for example, on the number of jobs at sports facilities or cost savings to the health sector.

These findings will enable local authorities, local enterprise partnerships, clubs, trusts and commercial organisations, for example, to showcase the value of sport in their area and support decisions on local investment plans with more relevant local evidence.

What will it tell me?

Sport’s contribution to the English economy reached £20.3 billion in 2010, 1.9% of the England total, and grassroots sport is responsible for over half of this value.

  • £11.78 billion of sport’s contribution comes from people playing sport and related expenditure such as sports equipment and coaching, while £8.5 billion comes from people’s consumption of sport such as watching elite sport live or on TV, sports-related TV subscriptions and sports gambling
  • This placed sport up in the top 15 industry sectors in England, above telecoms services, car sales and repairs, insurance and accounting
  • Sport employment remains a crucial component of the economy. The number of people with sport-related jobs in 2010 is estimated at over 400,000 – that’s 2.3% of all employment in England
  • Sport also generates wider benefits, both for individuals and society. The value of sport-related volunteering is £2.7 billion and the annual value of health benefits is estimated at £11.2 billion.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any queries please contact the Research Team at Sport England: