How can I work with NGBs to grow participation?

Understanding the context

Between 2013 and 2017, Sport England is investing almost £500m into the whole sport plans of 46 national governing bodies (NGBs) of sport, which will create opportunities for more people to play community sport.

NGBs are a key part of the sport system, working alongside other partners to help Sport England achieve our goal of getting more people to play sport. NGBs are experts in their sport and they have developed programmes to help address specific barriers that are stopping people from playing more sport.

NGBs have specific targets which have been agreed as part of the investment and are linked to Sport England’s talent and participation outcomes. Of the total investment Sport England expects 60% to benefit young people aged 14-25 and 40% to benefit the rest of the adult population.

The key to the success of the whole sport plans will be effective partnership working and connection to local partners. Each year we ask NGBs to agree a delivery plan which demonstrates how they will connect, work and have an impact on participation at a local level.

Things to consider to help joint working with NBGs locally:

  • Understand which sports are priorities for you and your partners in your area
  • Understand participation rates of key sports in your area (if local data allows)
  • Find out which NGBs are prioritising delivery in your area – see tools below
  • Think about how you want to engage with NGBs to develop joint working opportunities
  • To help establish joint priorities, consider how can you help NGBs understand your local priorities and how you can better understand what they are seeking to achieve.

How can Sport England help?

  • NGB Summary Document – a concise but informative summary of NGB whole sport plans including funding, programmes and products. This gives a high level overview of NGBs plans for 2013 to 2017.
  • National Priority Spreadsheet – this provides a more detailed breakdown of what key priorities and programmes NGBs are planning to deliver. This summary is specifically aimed at our national and local partners to gain a greater insight and an up-to-date picture of NGB delivery plans. For Active Partnerships (APs) this also outlines the specific support each NGB may require to support them in landing their plans
  • The B2B NGB Products tool – a web-based directory detailing specific NGB products. This provides delivery detail on the practical requirements and aims of individual products. The tool is presented in a database format which can be filtered or sorted by a range of fields. For example: you can filter by target audience, by facility requirement, by geographic area or by sport. The relevant contact details are also listed for each product so NGBs can be contacted about products of interest
  • Local Sport Profile – gives a detailed overview of sport in your area
  • APs – our county sport partnerships are funded in part to support the delivery of NGB whole sport plans. They work regularly alongside NGBs at a county level and can provide an overview of NGB activity in their specific areas.

What's the result?

By using the material from these tools you will be able to:

  • Understand what Sport England is investing in each NGB to achieve
  • Understand the geographical areas where NGBs are focusing their delivery
  • Understand the products and approaches NGBs are utilising to achieve their outcomes
  • Understand the local support APs are providing to NGBs to help deliver their plans locally.