New pledges to support social action

Our support of the #iwill campaign continues with new pledges to help create social action opportunities for 10-20 year-olds

07 July 2017 News

Social action includes volunteering, fundraising for local projects and community campaigning. It provides huge benefits to both the communities and young people themselves.

And we’re tapping into the growing number of young people who are passionate about improving lives through social action. Sport is a powerful tool to help others – and by taking part in volunteering projects, young people are realising their own potential.

Giving back through sport

Our support of the #iwill fund is part of a three-year partnership linked back to the joint investment announced between the Government and the Big Lottery Fund.

It’s the first major investment into social action to come out of our four-year plan to support volunteering projects and opportunities.

“Every week, millions of people already give something back to their community through sport,” says Phil Smith, our director of sport.

We want to harness the skills and passion for social action that young people have

Phil Smith, director of sport, Sport England

“Whether that’s coaching a player, organising an event or even washing a team kit, there’s an army of dedicated people making sport happen.

“But the way people give their time is changing and there is much more to volunteering than the traditional jobs. We want to harness the skills and passion for social action that young people have.”

Over the next three years, we will invest in up to 20 pilot projects that will help us understand more about social action opportunities and how to improve future projects.

Our five pledges

As part of our partnership with #iwill, we have made five pledges in support of youth social action.

The pledges follow on from the launch of our Potentials Fund and include:

"Social action and community sport go hand in hand, so we are delighted to see this fantastic new pledge," says Charlotte Hill, chief executive of Step Up To Serve, which is the charity coordinating the #iwill campaign.

"Sport England is already working with the campaign through the #iwill fund and the commitment today extends this support. This partnership is key to our wider aims of making social action part of life for all young people."

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