New partnership to tackle inactivty

We’re joining forces with key players from across the public sector in Greater Manchester to help make sport and physical activity a part of daily life

29 July 2016

The new partnership signed and sealed today will see us working with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership – the body of 37 NHS organisations and councils in the city region – to improve levels of inactivity. You can read the formal agreement between the organisations here.

Jennie Price with Memorandum of Understanding signatories

With the cost to the NHS spiralling to £26.7m per year in the area and an estimated one in six deaths currently attributed to sedentary lifestyles, this groundbreaking partnership aims to tackle the barriers people currently face to getting active.

Jennie Price, CEO of Sport England, said: “We know that being active has enormous physical and social benefits, especially for people who go from doing nothing to doing something. It’s one of the many reasons Sport England is so focused on tackling inactivity.

We are committed to working together and to listening to people in Manchester to understand more about what would help them get active

Jennie Price, chief executive, Sport England

“Our partners in Greater Manchester see it the same way. We are committed to working together, to learning from each other and to listening to people in Manchester to understand more about what would help them get active.”

By sharing research, experience and expertise across various health programmes, the collaboration will look to reduce stress, ill health and absence at work or school caused by high levels of inactivity.

The partnership comes fresh off the back of our new strategy and will look to deliver against the five health, social and economic outcomes outlined in the Government's Sporting Future strategy.