Inspired Facilities

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Inspired Facilities is our £110 million programme that funds the renovation and modernisation of local sports facilities.

To date we have helped over 1,800 projects to improve and refurbish sports clubs or transform non-sporting venues into modern grassroots sport facilities. So whether you are a club, local authority, school or parish council we could help you improve your facilities

Written notification of decisions for Round 8 will be sent out from Thursday 24 September 2015.

If you have not received your letter by Tuesday 29 September 2015 or wish to discuss the letter with the Grants Team, please call our funding helpline on 0345 8508 508.

Inspired Facilities is an open programme which means you can submit your application as soon as you are ready rather than having to rush to send it in by a specific date. Following a review of previous rounds, changes are being made to all funding rounds from Round 9 onwards. The changes to the programme are to ensure as many local sports facilities as possible benefit from the funding.

The changes to the programme are:

  • Applicants may only resubmit a previously unsuccessful application once. This includes applications that were unsuccessful in earlier rounds. Any applications submitted after a second unsuccessful attempt will not be assessed.
  • With the exception of Local Authorities, all other organisations can only receive one award under the Inspired Facilities programme. Any applications received from previously successful applicants will not be assessed, however, you can apply to other Sport England funding programmes
  • Applications from London based projects will be considered a priority under the revised programme due to a historically low number of successful applications from this region. London projects must still meet the eligibility criteria and will only be prioritised above another project if they achieve an assessment score that is equal to the successful score from that round.

Please note the changes to the programme came into effect from 5pm on 8 June 2015. Any application submitted after this time will be assessed in line with these changes.

Decision meetings will take place twice a year on the days shown in the table below:

Round Deadline for applications Decision meeting date
Round 9 5pm on 11 January 2016 April 2016

Please note only one application per organisation can be considered at each decision meeting. Before applying for Inspired Facilities funding please read the key information that is listed in each of the sections below and download the Inspired Facilities catalogue and guide.