Sports we invest in

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National governing bodies of sport (NGBs) are critical in helping us achieve our goal of getting more people to play sport. This is why they are at the heart of our youth and community sport strategy.

Whilst we recognise and support over a hundred sports in a variety of ways, there are 46 core governing bodies that we fund. In 2012 these NGBs submitted whole sport plans to us which detailed how they would use our investment to help them increase the number of people playing their sport once a week and to nurture talent. 

Having assessed all of the plans, we announced in December 2012 that between 2013 and 2017 we will invest over £400 million into the 46 NGBs to allow them to deliver these plans. You can find out how much we invested into each on our investments page.

Who are the 46 NGBs that you invest in?

The sports and NGBs that have received whole sport plan funding are listed below.

National Governing Bodies we support

There are 46 NGBs that we fund directly through our whole sport plan investment - find out which sports they are

Why are these the sports that you invest in?

To be eligible for 2013-17 whole sport plan funding, NGBs had to fulfil at least one of these two criteria:

  1. Received 2009-13 whole sport plan investment. This includes all London 2012 Olympic or Paralympic sports. This allows us to build on investments made in previous cycles.

  2. They are governing bodies of sports with more than 75,000 people in England taking part once a week (as measured by Active People Survey 5, (October 2010 to October 2011). These sports have the biggest impact on our aim to increase regular and sustained participation.

How did we assess each application?

Each application was assessed against six investment principles, which are:

  1. Sport England investment in NGB whole sport plans for 2013-17 is a privilege, not an entitlement
  2. Funding will be awarded on a competitive basis to those NGBs putting forward the strongest plans and which have a good track record of delivery
  3. Whole sport plan investment must deliver one or more of Sport England’s talent and participation outcomes
  4. Of the total investment available for participation, Sport England expects 60% to benefit young people aged 14-25 and 40 per cent to benefit the rest of the adult population
  5. NGBs whose sport is played in schools must deliver a robust transition programme creating links between school sport and club and community sport
  6. NGBs will need to demonstrate how they will connect, work and have an impact on participation at a local level

What will the 46 sports do with the funding?

You can find out what the NGBs plan to do with this investment will be spent by reading short summaries  of all 46 of the whole sport plans here.

What targets do the funded sports need to meet?

We have set all of our funded sports targets that they need to meet, you can find details of the targets here.

What are the key priorities of funded sports and how do partners support with delivery?

You can view a more detailed breakdown of what key priorities and programmes NGBs are planning to deliver by viewing the NGB National Priorities Summary sheet. This summary is specifically aimed at our national and local partners to gain a greater insight and up to date picture of NGB delivery plans. For County Sports Partnerships this also outlines the specific support each NGB may require to support  with the landing of their plans.