Active Places Power

Active Places Power helps those involved in providing sport provision with a series of tools to guide investment decisions and develop sport provision strategies

Primarily for local authorities and national governing bodies of sport, Active Places Power can help to build an evidence base when identifying and planning where to target interventions for facilities, clubs or other activities.

The website is underpinned by a single authoritative national sport facility database called Active Places that holds information on sports facilities and clubs (pilot data) throughout England.

Active Places Data Platform

All data records are maintained via the self-service password protected Active Places Data Platform, which is used by both facility owners and managers in addition to a contracted “Data Validation Team”. All records are fully audited within a 12-month period. 

The tools within the website have a range of capabilities from quick searches and simple reports to a series of push-button analytical tools that aim to make complex modelling techniques as user friendly and intuitive as possible. Each tool is supported with a guide and outputs can be downloaded for use in reports or local systems for further analysis. Registration is required to access Active Places Power.

Data changes made via the data platform are immediately reflected within Active Places Power. The sport facility data is also freely available as Open Data, for third parties to use. They range from the FA (Football Association) who use the data within their Whole Game System, the NHS (National Health Service) who use it for Change 4 Life, and app developers who are developing innovative digital solutions to the wider sport sector. 

For any questions regarding access to the data platform and managing sport facility data within Active Places, please contact OUR Active Places Data Validation Team contractor, Adetiq. 

Enquires and feedback can be made via: or 01273 202212.