Case studies

We regularly review projects at completion and develop a project report into a case study for publication on the website

These case studies are generally classified as “technical” case studies as the emphasis has been on recognising good practice through the design and construction stages of the project, either of individual elements or of the project as a whole.  

The case studies highlight projects that vary from site to site, with interesting differences in the mix, sizes and designs of the component parts to reflect the needs of the individual locations.  

Projects do not need to be funded by us but, providing they demonstrate good practice in design, cost and follow our Design Guidance Notes (DGNs), they can be considered for inclusion.  The set of case studies that are currently available show examples of both new build and refurbishment of multi-sport centres (“wet and dry”) with health and fitness, sports halls, artificial grass pitches and natural turf pitches. 

As this area of the website develops further we shall be including local outreach work, procurement studies, operational studies and links to specific funded rounds, including, for example, Inspired, Iconic and Improvement.  

Case studies

Sustainable projects   

As part of our Improvement Fund programme, we have provided financial support to a number of projects for a variety of environmental upgrades. The initiatives vary considerably, from the fitting of LED lighting to hydro-electric power, but all are anticipated to provide significant reduction in energy use and costs.   

These initial studies, to be published soon, will provide an overview of the type of intervention being considered and the anticipated savings.   

Over the next 12 months, these projects will be revisited to check on progress and measure the outputs and outcomes. Case studies for sustainable projects can also be found in the document carousel below.