Strategic planning 4.1

30 June 2017

4.1 A long term (four to eight years) rolling strategic plan is in place for the whole organisation which outlines the key long term objectives of the organisation and the strategies which are being implemented to achieve these goals.

  1. Has the organisation clearly set out what its vision and objectives are in the medium to long term (three to five years)?
  2. Are there clear deliverables in the strategic plan so that all those working for the organisation and all members can understand what the organisation is trying to achieve, by when and (at a high level) how?
  3. Does the strategy set out how the organisation and achievement of its objectives will be funded i.e. the sources of funding either in place or planned? Is it supported by a long term financial plan?
  4. Is the strategic plan joined up? Does it include all key parts of the organisation (including any subsidiaries if relevant)?
  5. Are the deliverables realistic? 

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