Strategic planning

There is one pillar (outcome) of strategic planning in self assurance. 

Click on the plus sign for the building blocks (supporting outcomes) of strategic planning, then find some Things to Think About to help you develop your Governance, Finance and Control framework. 

A strategic plan is in place and being delivered that addresses the needs of the organisation and the sport

Self-assurance supporting outcomes Things To Think About         
4.1 A long term (four to eight years) rolling strategic plan is in place for the whole organisation which outlines the key long term objectives of the organisation and the strategies which are being implemented to achieve these goals. ttta arrow
4.2 The strategic plan has been reviewed and approved by the Board. ttta arrow
4.3 An annual business/operational plan is in place which outlines the tasks to be undertaken to contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives. ttta arrow
4.4 Key Performance Indicators are in place to monitor the achievement of strategic plan and business/operational plan objectives ttta arrow
4.5 Responsibility for the achievement of objectives, tasks and KPIs are allocated to specific committees, employees or volunteers. ttta arrow
4.6 Responsible committees, employees and volunteers reported to the Board on the achievement of objectives and KPIs. ttta arrow