Organisational policy

There is one pillar (outcome) of organisational policy in self assurance.

Click on the plus sign for the building blocks (supporting outcomes) of organisational policy, then find some Things to Think About to help you develop your Governance, Finance and Control framework.


The following organisational policies have been documented, approved by the Board and communicated to relevant employees, volunteers, members and stakeholders

Self-assurance supporting outcomes Things To Think About         
11.1 Safeguard including vulnerable adults and Child Protection TTTA arrow
11.2 Anti-doping  TTTA arrow
11.3 Equality/Inclusion – demonstrate achievement of the Foundation Level of the Equality Standard  TTTA arrow
11.4 Grievance, discipline and appeals within the sport TTTA arrow

11.5 Code of Conduct (to include reference to Bribery Act requirements)

TTTA arrow

11.6 Code of ethics

TTTA arrow

11.7 Health and safety

TTTA arrow

11.8 Member complaints resolution process

TTTA arrow

11.9 Customer charter

TTTA arrow
11.10 Data protection TTTA arrow
11.11 Fraud prevention and detection TTTA arrow
11.12 Whistle blowing TTTA arrow
11.13 Conflicts of interest TTTA arrow
11.14 ICT - strategy, administration, training, support and security TTTA arrow