From Active People to Active Lives

Active Lives is a new way of measuring sport and activity across England and replaces the Active People Survey

Over the last 10 years, the design of the Active People Survey* remained largely unchanged. It measured a wide range of sports and provided useful local data to a range of local authorities.

However, as patterns of telephone and technology use continue to change – and we start to embed our 2017-21 strategy Towards an Active Nation – now is a good time to measure engagement with sport and physical activity in a new way.

New measures

Leading research company IPSOS-MORI carry out the Active Lives Survey for us. Like Active People, it will measure the number of people aged 16 and over who take part in sport and physical activity by demographic group, where people live and activity type.

With the introduction of Active Lives, we will also be able to measure some of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) identified for the sector in the Government’s strategy Sporting Future and provide a much more nuanced understanding of behaviour.

We have designed the new survey to be as flexible as possible to support a wide range of measures:

  • Overall engagement with Sport and Physical Activity (KPI 1)
  • Inactivity (KPI 2)
  • Spectating (KPI 9)
  • Volunteering information will be available at the next data point (KPIs 7 and 8)

You can:

*The Active Lives Survey is carried out by Sport England, in collaboration with Arts Council England, Public Health England, and the Department for Transport.