How can I recruit volunteers with specific skills?

Many roles at a sports club can be done without specialist skills. A simple induction and a small amount of training can be all that’s required to help volunteers on their way. However, some roles require specific skills. Think about what sorts of tasks you need volunteers for and which skills you’re missing. The Club Matters website has some useful information about how to approach this, including a template skills matrix.

Once you know where you have skills gaps, the next challenge is filling them. Consider whether any of your existing volunteers could be trained to do the role. This will be of mutual benefit to them and the club. See more in our training section.

There are also some agencies that specialise in skilled volunteer recruitment, such as Reach.

Some voluntary sector recruitment sites such as Charity Job have a section on volunteer roles.

Training your existing volunteers is not always a possibility, especially if you need someone who is professionally qualified, such as an accountant or a lawyer. Our section on recruitment provides lots of suggestions about how and where you can advertise.

If you’re looking for people with specific professional skills, you could also approach a local business that employs these people. A good starting point is to work out if you have any existing links to useful businesses amongst the volunteers and participants in your club and approach them through this route if possible. Some businesses have volunteering schemes that their employees are encouraged to get involved with. Even if they don’t have a scheme, they may be able to put the word out among their staff and encourage someone to come forward to help. 

If you’re looking for short-term help, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations has a page on how to attract skilled professionals to micro-volunteering opportunities.

If you’re searching for coaches, your National Governing Body or county sports partnership will be able to help. There’s some information on how to approach recruitment on Sports Coach UK’s website.

If your club is facing a specific challenge and you’d like a business professional to help, the Club Matters mentoring scheme could be for you.

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