How can I get more people to volunteer alongside me?

To get more people to volunteer alongside you, you first need to identify what type of volunteer is needed. Which roles are already covered and what would you like to add to that list? For example, if your club has a volunteer manager, they may already know what types of roles they need filling and how the club is recruiting volunteers, so talk to them first.

Once you’ve established which roles need to be filled, the next step is finding volunteers. Here are some tips:

  • Raise awareness – talk to friends, colleagues and neighbours about your club and the volunteering opportunities it has
  • Ask members of the club if they would like to help out – they get a lot out of participating at the club and many will be willing to get involved
  • Advertise roles on local community boards, for example in your local Intersport store.
  • Contact your local volunteer centre
  • Create a club page on the Join In website.

See the following links for more information:

Join in - Create a club page