How can I develop new volunteering roles?

New volunteer roles should be something that your club or organisation’s management are involved in identifying and shaping. Setting them up should be part of your wider volunteering strategy.

It’s a good idea to make a list of tasks that you’d like volunteer support with and to identify the skills that someone will need to perform these tasks. From here you can write role descriptions.

It’s also important to think about how much time you think these tasks will take and how frequently they need performing. It might be that you find volunteers who are suitable but who can’t commit the full amount of time you need. In these circumstances you should think about whether the role can be split - is it something that one person needs to have oversight of or could the role be divided? The more flexible you can be the easier it’s likely to be to find the help you need.

Finally, you should think about where it’s best to advertise a new volunteer role. This may differ depending on the role. For example, in advertising for a new coach, you might target different audiences than if you were advertising for a new social media manager. Our section on where to advertise volunteer vacancies may be of help.

For more information, see Volunteer Scotland’s good practice guide on matching the right volunteers to the right roles.

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