Sports Market Segmentation

Sports Market Segmentation is a web-based tool developed by Sport England to help all those delivering sport to better understand their local markets and target them more effectively.

We have split the adult population into 19 segments or types based on their age, gender, socio-demographic information, and overlaid sporting activity and preferences to show the sporting habits of each segment, their motivations to play sport, satisfaction with the sporting experience, top sports they currently play and would like to play, and factors that could encourage them to do more sport.

How can the CSP use the tool with partners?

CSPs can work with local partners by:

  • Raising awareness of the tool and how it can help inform local delivery
  • Sharing lessons from where segmentation has been used to inform delivery in the CSP area.

CSPs will work with NGBs to help them utilise Active People and Sports Market Segmentation data at local level to further support any nationally agreed approach between Sport England and the NGB.

What are the costs?

There is no cost to use the tool.

If you wish to have your membership or customer database applied to the 19 segments (undertaken by Experian) there is a cost:

Corporate organisations: £80 per 1,000 records, plus a £250 set up fee

Not for profit organisations: an initial fee of £500 including the first 5,000 records, plus £50 per 1,000 subsequent records.

What can it be used for?

The tool can help county sports partnerships (CSPs), local authorities, national governing bodies (NGBs) of sport, clubs and operators to:

  • Identify the dominant segments in their areas (for instance where they work in the catchment of their club or facility)
  • Explore where key segments are located around a facility or club
  • Match provision to current and potential demand
  • Explore the characteristics of the local population
  • Learn how to reach and engage with each segment and apply this to your delivery
  • Have your membership or customer database mapped to the 19 segments (cost applies).

What will it tell me?

Sports Market Segmentation is an interactive tool that:

  • Displays dominant segments, and densities of selected segments, within any area in England (county sports partnership, local authority or catchment area of a sports facility or postcode)
  • Shows the sports that segments have a propensity to play (or would like to play) as well as other characteristics, such as sporting behaviour, motivations and barriers to taking part in sport
  • Displays the output as maps, charts and tables
  • Provides the 19 pen portraits in pdf format
  • Allows access to the index tables and raw data
  • Presents how-to guides, comprehensive help and answers to frequently asked questions.

What won't it tell me?

This tool is not a replacement for Active People Survey results and will not tell you the number of people actually playing a particular sport. Instead it tells you the propensity of people to play sport, based on applying Active People results to the 19 segments and estimates of the number of people within each segment in any area. You should always use Active People to estimate participation and use Sports Market Segmentation to help to explore differences between local populations, their propensity or likelihood to play sport and suggested ways of reaching them.

Where can I find out more?

Or speak to a Relationship Manager in your local outreach team.

May 2014