Digital Pledge - Show Your Support

Our commitment to the future of digital innovation in the sport and physical activity sector

The world is in the midst of a new industrial revolution, fueled by the power of digital technology, data and the rapid innovation it can bring. This is transforming many industries, but the sport and physical activity sector is in danger of getting left behind.

Digital, which includes open data and digital innovation, has enormous potential to grow the sport and physical activity sector by creating more opportunities for the 16.8 million people who aren’t currently active (Active Lives Adult Survey, April 2019).  

However, we need to work collaboratively, drawing support from across the sport and physical activity sector, and through new collaborations with best-in-class partners from across sectors, in order to fully realise the opportunity that open data and digital innovation provides.  

It's important that we all play our part in maintaining momentum for this agenda. No one individual or organisation can achieve this ambition on their own. So, over the coming 12 months, we're committed to working alongside you to understand the opportunities you wish to realise, the challenges that lay ahead, to celebrate success and to share learnings.

Sport England, in collaboration with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, is seeking individuals to pledge their support to the shared ambition of using the power of data and digital innovation to increase the number of people who are regularly active, in order to drive improved, cross-government, societal outcomes.

The pledge

By signing up to this pledge and committing to deliver a set of actions, we'll be able to start to demonstrate the role and value that data and innovation can play in getting more people active.

Three initial areas of action

This pledge affirms my ambition to work collaboratively to leverage the power of data and digital innovation to help more people get active.

I am excited to work in new ways and to support the shared sector ambition of:

  1. Opening my organisation’s opportunity data during 2019 and championing the reasons why it can help more people get active
  2. Supporting consumer-focused digital innovation that helps people get active, with a particular focus on under-represented groups
  3. Improving the standard of digital skills and literacy within my organisation and across the sector

I recognise that this pledge and the three actions in it are only the start of the journey, but I'm committed to taking these important steps towards helping more people get active.

This joint endeavour was initiated by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and Sport England.

With your consent, Sport England and DCMS will collect and use your personal data (name, organisation and email address) for the duration of the project, in order to:

  • provide updates on opportunities and progress made by the sector on this agenda
  • communicate with you about sharing your case studies of best practice and learnings
  • provide you with further information about DCMS and Sport England’s role within this agenda.

Your data will not be used for any other purpose and you can withdraw your consent at any time. Further information is set out in Sport England’s Privacy Statement.