Preparing your submission

Further tips on how to prepare your submission as well as a series of templates and guidance to help you


NGBs who have been invited to apply for funding beyond March 2017 will need to answer a list of key questions set out in the submission template. This template sets out the strategic case for future investment, including what you will deliver, to whom and how much it will cost. 


For further guidance on completing your submission, including top tips and advice on completing the finance template, please see below.

What are we trying to achieve?

In its simplest form, this template has been designed around the assessment criteria contained in the investment guide. Whilst not a standard business plan template, it does follow on naturally from the scoping stage.

We’ve set out our submission template to make it as easy as possible for you to provide us with information we require to make an informed assessment.

Top Tips

Know your audience: A big part of knowing whether your submission will be successful is understanding your audience. We’ve focused on this a lot through the scoping phase and in the plan you will need to be very clear about your target market – who will you be delivering to and how can you influence their behaviour?

Keep it simple: Try to find the right balance between providing too much information and too little. 

Be as clear as possible about what you want to achieve and how you would do it if you received investment.

Be concise: It’s really important that we can quickly understand what the focus of your submission plan is all about. Make it concise but include enough detail to ensure there is sufficient information to make informed decisions. 

Know your finances: It’s important that you explain very clearly how much you require from Sport England and why. Be both conservative and realistic. 

Try to avoid non-specific items in your budget, such as “contingency costs” or “miscellaneous” and you can refer to our finance guidance to help you.

Be factual: It’s difficult to assess an application if we don’t have a clear idea of how, when, how many and how much. Statements need to be supported with some evidence.

Focus on how you’ll use this investment: Most of the application should be used to explain what you will do with the investment you are asking for rather than your overall plans.

We do not need excessive information about your track record; we have been working together for a number of years already and have referred to this in the scope. We do not need you to supply again information we already have. 


Submission template

To make your submission, feel free to use the template provided, which has been carefully designed to help you clearly set out and explain your case.

If you wish to use your own format, please ensure you answer each of the questions in the template directly.

Download the template here.


A finance template has been produced to allow you to set out the costs of delivering your business case. You should use this template rather than your own.

Download the template here. 

Check out our finance guidance on completing this template here.

Holding awards

Some NGBs are undergoing a complete transformation of their organisation or their leadership and/or strategy is new or under construction. 

For these organisations, we may have agreed to consider supporting existing delivery in some form until the change programme is complete and a new approach can be considered fully. NGBs who have reached this agreed position with Sport England should contact their NGB relationship manager for more details.