Sportivate is a £56 million Lottery funded that gives more young people the chance to discover a sport that they love

The programme gives 14-25 year-olds who are not particularly sporty access to six-to-eight weeks' of free or subsidised coaching in a range of sports.

During the six-to-eight weeks, those taking part can work towards an event or personal challenge and, when the free or low-cost coaching finishes, they are supported to continue playing sport. 

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Sportivate launched in June 2011 as a four-year programme aimed at 14-25 year-olds but, due to its success, additional funding of £10m per year was invested allowing the programme to run until March 2017.

From September 2013, Sportivate extended its age group so that 11-13 year-olds could also take part. 

Sportivate App – Project Deliverers

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