Higher Education

We recognise that higher education institutions play a significant role in maintaining and growing student interest in sport

Sport in higher education institutions (HEI) can encourage students to continue playing sport upon leaving school or college, as well as engage students who do not play sport regularly to take up a new sport that appeals to them. 

The Active People Survey demonstrates that individuals who went to university and played sport are more likely to continue playing sport throughout their lives.

University Sport Activation Fund

Our University Sport Activation Fund is an £11m revenue fund that was developed to challenge HE institutions to develop their sport offer for students.

The fund aims to:

  • Increase regular participation (at least 1x30 minutes per week) in sport by HE students in higher education establishments
  • Keep students in sport when they transition from school or college as well as throughout their university time
  • Raise the profile of sport within HE and its contribution towards university objectives, demonstrating how sport can contribute to university objectives, specifically employability, student experience and health and well being 
  • Encourage and support the development and maintenance of relationships that deliver and sustain participation increases between sport delivery, senior management and other internal partners in HEIs, as well as local community sport partners.

National Governing Bodies (NGBs)

There are 27 NGBs investing in higher education through their 2013-17 whole sport plans. These plans aim to engage students through competitive, intramural and social sporting opportunities.

We support NGBs to offer activities in an appropriate way for universities and students, to attract new people to play or continue to keep those already involved in sport.

British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS)

We invest in the BUCS Sport Development Team to assist with getting students to play sport whilst at university. They do this by providing opportunities to all students as well as supporting and promoting the lifestyle and educational benefits to all of taking part in sport.

Find out more about BUCS.