Promoting your project

When you receive funding from us, we want you to shout it from the rooftops as this will help you attract new members

To help you promote your award we have created this guide.

You can promote your award in several ways:

  • Generating media coverage by issuing a media release 
  • Holding an event to mark the completion of the improvements to your facility or the purchase of new equipment
  • Promoting your award using social media such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Using our branding on all literature such as websites and brochures and displaying signs or stickers which show that you have secured financial support from Sport England and the National Lottery.

This page and accompanying documents provides all the information and help you need to ensure that your project gets the coverage and recognition it deserves. It covers everything from using the right logo through to issuing a press release, writing to your MP and organising your event.

Tell your MP about your project

Your local MP can be an excellent champion of your project. Not only will they be interested to know about the good work that you are doing, we know that MPs and their teams love to highlight successful local projects to the rest of the community – and sometimes even in Parliament.

You can find out who your local MP is and how to contact them at:

Here are some tips you may find helpful when writing to your MP:

Getting in touch

  • The best way to contact an MP is by writing a letter or emailing them. Emails are, of course, faster than the post and they also allow MPs and their staff to get in touch with you quickly if they would like further details about your project.
  • Make sure the MP’s staff see your email too – you can always call the MP’s constituency office and ask if it would be helpful to copy a member of the team in too. If the MP’s staff say this would help, you should address your email to the MP and send it to their email address, but add the email address of the member of staff you spoke to too so they can see it as well.

Four top tips for when you are writing to your MP:

  • Grab their attention with an eye-catching subject heading. MPs’ offices receive hundreds of emails and letters every day so make sure your good news is noticed – e.g. Subject: Cambridge running project awarded £50,000 from Sport England!
  • Explain to the MP who you are and highlight that the project you’re involved with is in their constituency.
  • Briefly give some information on what your project is about and explain that you have successful in being awarded an investment from Sport England.
  • Describe the difference it will make to your local community, not just the club.  

MPs get a lot of post and emails, so try to avoid writing to them at every stage of the project. It’s usually best to let them know that you have received funding, and then contact them again if there is an event you would like them to attend to celebrate the project.

If you are planning an event, and would like your local MP to attend, aim to organise the event for a Friday or the weekend as MPs often have to be in Westminster from Monday to Thursday.

We are always interested to know about how local projects are engaging their MP so please do let your case officer know if you have made contact with your MP and what plans you are making. The case officer will then pass it on to members of Sport England’s communications team who are used to working with MPs. They are always happy to offer support and promote your activities, and can help with any questions you may have.

Generating media interest and coverage

It is important that you use your funding award as an opportunity to generate media coverage for your project. This lets people know about your project and how their community is benefiting.

In most cases, local newspapers, radio and possibly even television will be interested in your success story.

Writing and sending a media release

We have drafted a sample press release for you to use, which will need to be personalised with information about your project and some quotes.

Please note there is a different sample press release for Primary Spaces, it will be added to this webpage on Tuesday 10 June.

We would also like you to issue a press release to your local media once work at your project is complete.

This can be tied in with an official opening. We have drafted a template press release for you to use. Again, it needs to be personalised with information about your project and some quotes. You can download a Microsoft Word versions of both sample releases below.

There are a few important things to remember when filling in the template press release:

  • Think about the impact of the grant – explain how the grant will make a real difference to people who use your facility and how it well help others to get involved in sport. Highlight any aspects that will help open up the facilities to new groups of people, such as disabled participants.
  • Make sure you have a good story to tell – think carefully about what would be interesting to local people who read the news. Was the club’s future at risk until you secured this funding? Did someone famous once train at your club? Do you have a dedicated volunteer with an inspiring story?
  • Attach a high quality photo – a picture says a thousand words and photos can really improve your chance of gaining publicity. Make sure you provide the names of everyone in the photo and make clear who is who – it will be used as a caption. It is important that anyone who is going to be photographed has signed a photography consent form; you can download one below.
  • Be available for interviews - make sure that someone in your group is available to speak to the media and can do radio and television interviews if required.
  • Include your contact details – this is essential so that the media can contact you directly.
  • Follow up with a phone call – journalists receive lots of press releases each day and it will help if you give them a quick call to highlight your news. If time is an issue, select one or two key newspapers or radio stations to make sure they have received your press release.

You will be in the best position to know which local media covers your area but think about the following:

  • Your local newspapers
  • Your local commercial radio stations
  • Your local BBC radio station.

Spend some time phoning them in advance and asking for an email address to which you can send a press release. Sometimes you will have the email address for the news desk which is a central inbox for news coming into a newsroom.

On other occasions, you will have direct email addresses for local reporters. Collate them into your own distribution list and then store all the email addresses safely so that you can use them again. You can add to your distribution list as your project progresses.

When you email your press release, it’s best to put everyone’s email address in the BCC box and paste the press release directly into the body of the email. That way, your press release appears immediately on the journalist’s screen and is easier to read.

If you include photos, try not to attach too many or to have file sizes that are too large as this can slow down the recipients’ email systems.

Social media

You may want to promote your news and your project using social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Sport England's Twitter handle is @Sport_England - include this in your tweets so that we can retweet your good news.

We would suggest sending a tweet such as: We’ve received £XXXXX of funding from @Sport_England fund to help us [what the money will fund, eg re-roof our clubhouse]

Let us know if you promote your news on Facebook and we will include
a reference to it on the Sport England page.

If you film an event, make sure you upload it to YouTube. Our YouTube account is sportenglandfilms and we are always keen to share footage of people who have benefited from our programmes. Get people who use your facility to talk about how the funding will make a difference or show us what your current facilities are like.

You may want to upload images onto flickr so you can share them with media and other interested parties. You can directly link flickr to your website.

Please do not make reference to your award through social media channels until we tell you you can do so.

Organising an event

If you organise an event to celebrate your project, it can be a good opportunity to kick start your project, thank your volunteers for their efforts and inform local media and MPs about your work. It all raises the profile of your project locally which can lead to more people taking part in sport.

If you decide to go ahead with an event, you should consider the following points:

  • Plan your event well and make sure you start and finish on time
  • Make sure that you have the right people available. They will need to be able to talk with enthusiasm and authority about your project to any journalists or VIPs that attend.
  • Let the media know about your event well in advance and remind them a few days before it takes place. Be clear about why they should attend (opportunity to ask questions/conduct interviews/learn more) and make it clear they can gain more from attending than simply asking you to email the information to them
  • Make sure you take photographs on the day
  • If children under 16 or vulnerable adults are to be photographed, ensure you have a signed parental consent form.

Use the downloadable checklist to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Branding, signage and logos

Different funding streams have different branding requirements.

Take a look at the tabs below to find out what you need and go to our Branding and logo page to download our logos.

Other services

Sport England has a range of other services that can benefit your project. Find out more about the services we offer

The tabs below provide information specific to particular award programmes. 

Inspired Facilities

One of the conditions of your Inspired Facilities award is that you must display appropriate Sport England signage in a prominent position at your facility highlighting the financial assistance and support of Sport England and the National Lottery. 

An internal plaque and external sign must be installed before the official opening.

  • If you received your funding between June 2013 and February 2014, then you will need to order and pay for your signs through DMA Signs. You should have received an order form within your award agreement.
    Find out more about ordering your signs. 
  • If you received your funding after February 2014, then you will need to order and pay for your signs through Icon Display Ltd. You should have received an order form within your award agreement. Please email Nicola Walsh at Icon Display with the following information:
    • Project name
    • Project URN 
    • Date of award
    • Contact name
    • Contact email 
    • Delivery address
    • Delivery email (if different from above)
    • Delivery phone number
    • Date required (if relevant)

Protected Playing Fields

One of the conditions of your Protecting Playing Fields award is that you must display appropriate Sport England signage in a prominent position at your playing field highlighting the financial assistance and support of Sport England and the National Lottery. 

An external sign must be installed four weeks before your official opening. Details of how to order your sign is included in your Award letter. Please note that the email address for submitting these order forms has now changed, please send your form to Nicola Walsh.

If you don't have anywhere suitable for their display, let us know and we'll work with you to find an alternative solution. 

Simply email the following information to

  • Project name
  • Project URN 
  • Date of award
  • Contact name
  • Contact email 
  • Delivery address
  • Delivery email (if different from above)
  • Delivery phone number
  • Date required (if relevant)

Primary Spaces

Press release

We have created a template press release that you can use to announce your Primary Spaces funding. This can be downloaded here but we ask that you do not publicise your award until 17 June 2014.

Contact your MP

The success of your Primary Spaces application is a real achievement for your school and will have an impact on the local area so your MP will want to hear about it. You can download a template letter to send to them below. We would also suggest that you invite them to come and view the new facilities once they are in place.

If you have any questions about promoting your award please email