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Coronavirus: tools and support to help you now

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak on sport and physical activity has been huge and we know it's a struggle just to keep operations going for many organisations.

We've collated a range of advice and guidance that can help you right now to respond to the pandemic and the resulting restrictions on clubs, organisations and businesses.

Business advice

Running your business and interpreting advice

Provider: BDO

What it includes: Guidance on government support packages, tax, operational finance, business continuity, risk management, IT and cyber-security.

Who it’s for: All sport and physical activity organisations.

More information: In conjunction with UK Sport, we’ve been working with our assurance partner BDO to understand how we can help our funded partners and the wider sport sector during this time. We’ve identified the major topics where BDO can provide support.


Help for small businesses

Provider: Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), ukactive and Sport England

What it includes: Information hub for small businesses, including advice, guidance and tips to help small businesses keep active.

Who it's for: Any small business or sole trader.

More information: The FSB has developed a hub of information to support small businesses through coronavirus, including a new 'Looking after your health and wellbeing' section created in partnership with us and ukactive with advice, resources and tips on how to keep your employees active and well during the pandemic and beyond.

FSB hub

Sustaining clubs and organisations

Provider: Club Matters

What it includes: Specific guidance for clubs and community groups on how they can continue to operate, engage and stay afloat during this time.

Who it’s for: Sports clubs, activity deliverers, community organisations and those who directly support them.

More information: Club Matters has created a new coronavirus section on their website that has a range of new guides, toolkits and case studies to support those working in the sector, clubs and community organisations. Topics include business continuity planning, financial checklists, safeguarding virtually, blogs from national partners and examples of how clubs are staying connected to their members.

Club Matters

Keeping governance going

Provider: Sports Governance Academy

What it includes: Help to adapt governance processes to the challenges imposed by coronavirus.

Who it’s for: All sport and physical activity organisations and individuals.

More information: We funded the Chartered Governance Institute to set up the academy as a governance support hub for our sector. The services – provided free to our and UK Sport’s funded partners – are designed to support, develop and connect people who work in, and have an interest in, the sector.

Sports Governance Academy

Walking and cycling safely

Provider: Sustrans

What it includes: A web page to support local authorities thinking about the reallocation of road space for walking and cycling as part of their response to coronavirus.

Who it’s for: Local authorities.

More information: Sustrans is a charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle, and this new advice allows local authorities to make sure people can do that without breaking social distancing guidelines, and without being exposed to danger from traffic.


Legal advice and guidance

Provider: Legal panel framework firms

What it includes: Guidance on managing legal issues which may have arisen as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Who it's for: All sport and physical activity organisations.

More information: The Legal Panel Framework is a group of 15 law firms which has been procured by Sport England, UK Sport, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland to provide specific rates and trusted legal services direct to organisations in the sport and recreation sector. Each of the 10 firms operating in England and Wales has created a free-to-access part of their website to focus specifically on coronavirus-related legal issues.

Legal panel firms

Diversifying your funding sources

Provider: Crowdfunder

What it includes: Advice and guidance on how to crowdfund.

Who it's for: Community sports clubs and physical activity organisations.

More information: Crowdfunder are offering advice on how best to generate crowdfunding during these pressured times. There are a series of webinars to give you tips about setting up a crowdfunding page and how to best engage your local community. Crowdfunder has also waived platform and transaction fees during this time, to ensure every penny raised goes directly to those that need it most.


Improving your discoverability on web searches

Provider: Google

What it includes: Free advertising in Google search results, up to a value of £7,500 per month.

Who it's for: Eligible non-profit organisations.

More information: Google Ad Grants can help your organisation appear in google search results and give a big boost to people discovering your organisation and traffic to your website. You can sign up on the Ad Grants website, and further information can be found via this Ad Grant video and Ad Grant Activation Guide.

Leading and managing an organisation

Provider: Association of Chairs

What it includes: Advice on what the role of the chair is during this time, and how to help an organisation manage this crisis.

Who it’s for: All sport and physical activity organisations.

More information: We’ve been working with the association to develop resources for chairs of organisations in the sector. Their resources are currently provided free of charge, to help chairs navigate these challenging times. They’re also running regular briefings and webinars on topical issues to help chairs lead their organisations through this crisis.

Association of Chairs

A social distancing sign outside a park in Mayfair, London

Connecting with and supporting your community

Keeping active during the pandemic

Provider: Join the Movement campaign

What it includes: Access to all the assets from our Join the Movement campaign that can encourage and signpost people to keep active in and around their home.

Who it’s for: All sport and physical activity organisations and individuals.

More information: The Join the Movement campaign encourages and inspires people to get or keep active with on online hub of exercise suggestions for all ages and abilities, including those with long-term health conditions, disabled people and pregnant women. The campaign has a suite of assets that you can use to inspire and connect with your communities in an effort to keep the nation active.

Join the Movement

Helping people with health conditions

Provider: We Are Undefeatable campaign

What it includes: A supporters’ hub containing campaign assets that are designed to support people living with long-term health conditions to get or keep active at home.

Who it’s for: Organisations supporting people with long-term health conditions.

More information: The We Are Undefeatable campaign is led by 15 of the UK’s leading health charities and was created to inspire and support people with long-term health conditions to be active. The supporters’ hub includes information, guidance and tools for organisations to do just that.

We Are Undefeatable

Making the most of social media

Provider: Sport England and the Activity Alliance

What it includes: Advice on how to stay in contact with your community during the coronavirus crisis using social media and inclusive communications.

Who it’s for: All sport and physical activity organisations and individuals.

More information: With people cut off from their friends and family, people are turning more to social media for human interaction. Our social media guide gives advice on creating the perfect post and best practice when using social media to keep engaged with and support your community. The Activity Alliance also has a bank of fact sheets about producing inclusive and accessible communications.

Our guidance

Supporting older adults to be active and healthy at home

Provider: Public Health England

What it includes: A printable booklet to support older people, and those who are shielded, to be active and healthy at home.

Who it’s for: Local Authorities and other organisations trying to reach older adults or those shielding at this time.

More information: Public Health England worked with us to produce this booklet that gives inspiration and clear, trusted, information on how to get active in and around the home during coronavirus. It's been printed and is available for local authorities to distribute locally. There's also the option for local partners to tailor the booklet for their own audiences and print and distribute themselves. Organisations who work with older people or those who are shielding can download the booklet to use and distribute.

Active at Home

Helping people recovering from coronavirus

Provider: Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK (Moving Medicine)

What it includes: A set of handy tips for those recovering from coronavirus.

Who it's for: People working directly with those recovering from coronavirus.

More information: Moving Medicine, in partnership with physicians and patients, has created a set of 'handy tips' for those recovering from coronavirus. These resources are designed to reassure and empower people to begin to return to normal life, including providing advice and support for returning to or getting active as a way to support recovery.

Moving Medicine

Maintaining facilities

What counts as essential maintenance?

Provider: Grounds Management Association (GMA), Sport and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) and the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG)

What it includes: Guidance on looking after natural turf, artificial sports surfaces and swimming pools.

Who it's for: Anyone who's responsible for maintaining sport facilities.

More information: The GMA has been working with various national governing bodies to provide advice on what's possible during a closedown period and what may be required once sport resumes. While SAPCA has provided guidance on minimum maintenance levels that may prevent significant deterioration of surfaces and protect warranties. And PWTAG is providing guidance on essential steps for pool and changing facility maintenance.

How to move your activity sessions online

How to stream exercise sessions online

Provider: imin

What it includes: Advice on moving your classes and sessions online, including a quick-start guide to live streaming fitness classes.

Who it’s for: Anyone wanting to deliver online sessions.

More information: With physical outlets currently closed, the digital world has opened a new way for people to exercise – it’s also a great way to maintain engagement with your participants or meet new ones. This imin guide outlines simple steps to get your classes online, as well as highlighting things to think about before, during and after your classes.


Providing great coaching online

Provider: UK Coaching

What it includes: Advice on ensuring a high-quality experience for those using online sessions, including delivery skills.

Who it’s for: Anyone wanting to deliver online sessions.

More information: Our partner UK Coaching has produced three infographics, and is providing more of its subscriber resources for free during this period. They give insightful guidance to coaches, parents and households on creating great experiences for those around them, whilst at home. They give tips on hosting a remote session, helping children to stay active and advice on keeping yourself active as a coach.

UK Coaching

Ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience

Provider: Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU), The Ann Craft Trust and Kent Sport

What it includes: Advice on ensuring a safe environment is created for online teaching of children and adults.

Who it’s for: Anyone wanting to deliver online sessions.

More information: The CPSU's created guidance on undertaking remote teaching safely which covers topics such as consent, contacting children at home, child protection concerns, online safety and mental health and wellbeing. Separately, The Ann Craft Trust has created a guide to safeguarding adults during the pandemic. While Kent Sport has developed a potential risks and control measures template, and a safeguarding children checklist – both of which could be useful when engaging others to deliver sessions on your behalf.

Publishing virtual sessions

Provider: Open Data Institute (ODI)

What it includes: A webinar explaining how open data can help your virtual sessions reach more people during lockdown.

Who it’s for: Anyone delivering, or wanting to deliver online sessions.

More information: Run by the team at OpenActive, the webinar shares how you can reach a wider audience for your online classes, through publishing virtual event data thanks to the updated OpenActive Opportunity Specification. If you're someone who runs online events, or if you're a software provider that's interested in supporting your customers to publish open virtual event data, then this is for you.

Open Data Institure

Outdoor activity advice

Managing outdoor activity

Provider: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Visitor Safety Group (VSG), Ordnance Survey (OS) and Keeping Britain Tidy

What it includes: Government advice, visitor safety group guidance and the OS portal.

Who it's for: Landowners and green space providers.

More information: We have many partners who deliver in the outdoors so we've collated their guidance in one place, to help you. Defra is issuing guidance and updating it when possible, while the VSG has produced a downloadable document with advice for park and green space managers. Elsewhere, Keep Britain Tidy have advice on supporting the management of litter and dog fouling, while the OS's green space map could be helpful to site managers when it comes to directing people to finding local green spaces and suggesting alternatives to busy sites. In a similar vein Defra has a tool to find your local park and the relevant coronavirus-related advice from it's local authority. Lastly, the OS has created a page on its own site detailing how to remain safe while getting active in green spaces.

We've also put together guidance to help you understand people's activity patterns during the coronavirus crisis, and tips on developing your skills for the future.

Prepare and adapt

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