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Frequently asked questions on the national coronavirus restrictions

This tab was last updated on 14 June.

The government’s roadmap to cautiously ease lockdown restrictions in England consists of four steps, and the third step came into play on Monday 17 May. 

There will be four tests that the government will review ahead of each step, so the dates outlined below are the earliest that we may move to each step and may be subject to change. 

You can read a summary of what will be included in each step on the government's website.

Step 1:  

  • Phase 1 began on 8 March 

  • Phase 2 began on 29 March 

Step 2: began on 12 April 

Step 3: began on 17 May 

Step 4: begins no earlier than 19 July*

*There'll be a review after two weeks of the four-week extension, from 21 June, and the government reserves the possibility to lift all restrictions then. 

We’re working with the government to answer your questions about the roadmap and what this means for sport and physical activity. 

Answers to your questions on Step 3 are on the second tab at the top of this page.

We’re continuing to work with government on the other step in the roadmap and will update these frequently asked questions when we know more.

Read the government's guidance

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