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Secondary teacher training programme

Support for teachers in secondary schools to access professional development opportunities and put pupils' enjoyment at the heart of PE and school sport.

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We’re investing £13.5 million of National Lottery funding into a secondary teacher training programme, working in partnership with the Association for Physical Education, the Youth Sport Trust, Activity Alliance and the Teaching Schools Council.

Young people’s attitudes to sport and physical activity are shaped heavily by their experiences at school – our research shows that having a bad experience of PE can put them off being active for life. This programme aims to address this by giving teachers the resources and training they need to engage all pupils in physical activity, regardless of sporting ability.

The funding can also be used to upskill and mentor teachers, in order to improve the quality and breadth of a school's PE offer so that it acts as a catalyst for wider outcomes such as improved mental wellbeing, resilience, pupil engagement and confidence. There is no ‘menu’ of training offered centrally – teaching school alliances (TSAs)/partnerships will identify what training they need through consultation with staff and students.

Please note, applications to the programme are now closed.

What impact is the programme having?

More than 2,500 secondary schools are benefitting from this investment - approximately 70% of all secondary schools in England.

Having completed the evolution of phase one of the programme, which included 358 schools, we found it had the following impacts:

  • Greater awareness of the benefits of PE, school sport and activity, with whole staff cohorts leading delivery and recognising the positive impact physical activity has on students' behaviour and academic performance.
  • Increased staff competence and confidence through whole school continuing professional development (CPD) and upskilling of staff.
  • Changes in practice, including collaboration within and between schools, and more student-focused approaches.
  • Better quality PE, school sport and physical activity delivery, achieved through more variety, greater focus on wellbeing and supporting disengaged students.
  • A tool for whole-school improvement by focusing on health, wellbeing, knowledge and life skills.
  • PE, school sport and physical activity higher up the agenda through senior leadership team (SLT) engagement and support for curriculum changes.
  • Enhancing student wellbeing through improved awareness, staff training and developing role models.

For more information, please see the Phase 1 infographic document below.

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