Inspired Facilities: assessment criteria

The first stage of our assessment criteria will be to check that your organisation and project meet our eligibility criteria

We will then assess eligible applications against four criteria:

  • Need – is the project needed and wanted by members or users, and the wider community? 
  • Impact – will it really keep existing participants playing sport, volunteers involved in sport and attract new people?
  • Community involvement – have local people been involved in the project’s development and are there plans to keep them involved once the award has been made? A good way of evidencing this is by evidencing community consultation.
  • Sustainability – will sufficient revenue be generated to keep the facility running and well-maintained for years to come?  This will include a setting up of a sinking fund and evidence of marketing plan

Please note that the Inspired Facilities fund is now closed

Inspired Facilities was an open programme. Following a review of previous rounds, changes were made to the programme from 8 June 2015 (Round 9 onwards). The changes to the programme were made to ensure that as many local sports facilities as possible benefited from the funding.

The changes to the programme were:

  • Applicants may only resubmit a previously unsuccessful application once. This includes applications that were unsuccessful in earlier rounds. Any applications submitted after a second unsuccessful attempt will not be assessed
  • With the exception of local authorities, all other organisations can only receive one award under the Inspired Facilities programme. Any applications received from previously successful applicants will not be assessed, however, you can apply to our other funding programmes
  • Applications from London based projects will be considered a priority from 8 June 2015 due to a historically low number of applications and successful projects from this region. London projects must still meet the eligibility criteria and will only be prioritised above another project if they achieve an assessment score that is equal to the successful score from that round. 

In addition, we gave priority to projects in the following order:

  • Have not received an individual sport Lottery grant worth over £10,000
  • London based projects
  • Are the only public sports facility in the local community
  • Offer local opportunities to people who do not currently play any sport.

We also wanted to ensure we fund a wide range of projects benefiting different sports. Based on our investments in previous rounds, we were less likely to support some projects unless the project scored well and all of the above priority criteria had been met. These projects were:

  • Resurfacing/upgrading of club tennis courts
  • Community and voluntary sector projects with a total project cost of greater than £1million.