Inspired Facilities: ordering signs

As part of the award agreement, projects are required to display Sport England and National Lottery signage in recognition of our investment

If you received your funding between June 2013 and February 2014, then you will have needed to order and pay for your signs through DMA Signs. You should have received an order form within your award agreement.

If you received your funding within this time frame but haven't yet ordered your sign or if you received your funding after February 2014 then you will need to order and pay for your signs through Icon Display Ltd. You should have received an order form within your award agreement. 

What signs do I have to display?

Giving due recognition to your Sport England Lottery funding is a condition of award and this includes displaying appropriate signage.

How big are the signs and what do they look like?

Your signage pack contains two signs.

  • Sign Type A measures 600mm x 300mm and should be installed in your reception area or or main room.
  • Sign Type B measures 1500mm x 750mm and should be installed on an external wall near your main entrance or front door.

You can download a PDF showing both signs installed so you can see what they look like and understand how they work in a sports clubs environment. 

If you do not have an external wall big enough for Sign Type B, you can order two x Sign Type A – please note this will not affect the overall price.

Who pays for the signs?

We are asking projects to pay for their signage and have negotiated a special rate from our signage company DMA Signs. The cost, including delivery and VAT is £164.

Who do I contact if I have a query?

If you have a query about an existing or future order, please email Icon Display direct on

If you have a broader brand query, please email