Who do we want to work with?

We’re looking to work with a range of organisations – both those who can deliver proven solutions and those with innovative, creative ideas

We’re not looking to fund more of the same activities which we know already work – unless you can make a strong case for testing how they can be replicated with a different demographic, in a new community or with an adapted delivery model. Learning is key.

Your organisation needs to have a strong reach and understanding of your intended audience – either directly or through partnerships with others. We’re looking for partners who are trusted and respected by the people they want to reach – and who understand the specific issues of their local community.

Crucially, you’ll need to demonstrate that you can deliver quality volunteering opportunities – either directly or through others.

Working in partnership

We’re keen to encourage partnership applications, especially from smaller organisations which may need the support and experience of others.

We want to test how organisations with different models and experiences from across sectors can come together to get more people volunteering and taking social action through sport and physical activity. Examples might include:

  • A mental health charity working in partnership with an older people’s charity to launch a weekly walking programme, as part of a befriending service to reduce isolation and develop confidence.
  • A community group which helps to reintegrate young offenders into the community working in partnership with the probation service and county sports partnership, with advice from the local volunteer centre.
  • A community association engaging with local mosques, churches and sports clubs to reach unemployed adults, provide them with new skills and help build better community relations.

These are just a few ideas – we’d encourage you to think about the organisations you could approach to help make your project successful.

All partners that we invest in will need to be eligible to receive lottery funding and meet the appropriate tier of our Code for Sports Governance before an award is made. The code contains a set of standards that we would expect of successful applicants, showing they are well-run and can be responsible for public money.