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This form should be used to submit your expression of interest for investment from our Potentials Fund

We recommend that you read the Volunteering Funds Investment Guide and documents below before completing this form to help you develop your ideas:

This expression of interest form is the first step in the process for determining which organisations and project ideas will be invited to submit a full application for further consideration.

You don't need to have a fully worked up project at this point but you will need to be able to work up a full application within eight weeks if your project is invited to the second stage of the application progress.  

We want to understand a bit about your organisation, the young people you are looking to work with and your understanding of them, why your project is needed, the outcomes you intend to achieve, what we might learn from your project and how you will deliver and sustain your approach beyond the term of our investment.

Please note: if you are invited to submit a full application we will ask you to provide more detailed information relating to how your project meets the six principles of youth social action outlined in our Volunteering Funds Investment Guide and Volunteering Insight Guide.

You must submit an online expression of interest in order for your application to be assessed. Paper versions are for reference only.

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