Opportunity Fund

We're aiming to get more people from economically disadvantaged communities volunteering through our Opportunity Fund

We know that people in disadvantaged communities are less likely to get involved in volunteering in sport and physical activities. Yet these are the people and communities that could benefit the most from it.

The Opportunity Fund aims to get people from all backgrounds to volunteer in communities that are economically disadvantaged.

We will invest in projects that benefit people facing disadvantage as a result of the community they live in – and that enable them to make a positive contribution to those communities. These could range from inner-city areas with high levels of crime and social exclusion to remote rural areas with few services.

What we're focusing on

Specifically, we’re focusing on:

  • Those most in need – whether that’s because of their health, employment status, income, education, housing, local environment, or a combination of factors.
  • People aged 20 or over – although projects which work across different age groups, for example with families or through cross-generational mentoring, may be eligible. If your work is aimed at a younger age group, you should consider applying for the Potentials Fund.

Because we’re committed to reaching new groups, we’re aiming to award at least 50% of the fund to projects delivered by partners who are new to Sport England – or even to sport and physical activity itself.

While your project must contain some element of sport or physical activity, doing social action may be the main motivator rather than the sport or activity itself.