Supporting advice

The importance of advice and guidance

The Government's National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) emphasises the importance of evidence to underpin policy and its application. We have extensive experience in providing advice and guidance to assist with the understanding of people's needs and demands for sport and recreation facilities, and the practicalities of delivery. Drawing on these resources will assist the efficient and effective delivery of soundly based plans, policies and proposals, as well as informing how to ensure that the interests of sport are best represented in development.

The accompanying guide summarises the planning tools and guidance on our website relating to:

  • Understanding how people participate in sport
  • Developing and implementing robust and up-to-date needs assessments and strategies for sporting provision
  • Dealing with planning applications and securing the best interests of sport through planning contributions
  • Design and cost advice for new facilities.

For more details on our supporting advice please see the accompanying guide.