Previous guidance

This page contains a series of our previous guidance documents.

Developing policies for sport

Eight documents available to download.

Facilities Improvement Service (FIS)

The Facilities Improvement Service (FIS) was launched by us in 2007 and was a three year targeted programme designed to offer support to local authorities to strategically plan for sports facilities. The development of the FIS came from:

  • The need to improve strategic planning in relation to sports provision as highlighted in the 2006 Audit Commission and 2007 CLG reports
  • The need to ensure a robust evidence base for sport and recreation was being presented in Local Development Framework Core Strategies
  • The contribution that sport can make to addressing obesity issues
  • The need to address the age and quality of sports facilities – 'the ticking time bomb'
  • Opportunities for sport and recreation from the BSF and HE / FE programmes;
  • Opportunities likely to arise from London 2012
  • Opportunities from housing growth

As the service developed, a methodology for working, lessons learnt and best practice was collated. This has been brought together in a toolkit, which was used by other local authorities not in the service to strategically plan for sports facilities. The programme finished in July 2010 and lessons learnt information will be published shortly. The services offered in the FIS are still available under the Strategic Planning Panel in the Strategic Planning Framework for Sport.

12 documents available to download.

Planning bulletins

Sixteen documents available to download.

Active Design

Previous 2007 Active Design guidance. New 2015 Active Design guidance available at