Developing a sports hall

This guide will help you put together a strong sporting and business case for building or upgrading a sports hall.

This guide has been developed in consultation with national governing bodies including badminton, basketball, cricket, netball and volleyball. It's primary purpose is to make sure that sports halls are built to the right size, otherwise the number of sports that can be played on them (and therefore income generated) is limited.  

Developing the right sports hall

March 2012

This guide gives you a simple methodology for identifying sports development need and building a business case.     

It encourages:

  • New facility developments to be programme-led and created by a partnership involving governing bodies, local sports clubs and schools
  • The asking of questions to understand the local sporting need, and other stakeholder requirements, to ensure the sports hall is sustainable
  • The use of standard hall sizes to ensure that as many sports as possible can use the hall in years to come.

In the case of existing halls, an alternative methodology explains how to establish if an existing hall is suitable for further investment.

Important revisions

A revision to the four court hall size, from 33 x 18m to 34.5 x 20m.

  • Adopting the dimensions of the revised four court hall as the minimum, will provide fit-for-purpose space allowing intra and inter school competitions in an appropriate environment
  • Programmes geared to delivering governing-body-compliant community participation through to club competition need a hall 34.5 x 20m or larger
  • A simplification of the different levels of play for the individual sports into four level of play categories;
    • International
    • Premier
    • Club
    • Community