Affordable sports halls

Affordable Sports Centre internal

If you're seeking to build or develop a sports hall, these guides will help you understand the interrelationships between:

  • Design 
  • Specifications and sustainability 
  • Capital funding 
  • Programmes of use 
  • Operating budgets. 

We have also highlighted a one-stop-shop procurement process that can speed up and simplify your planning, design and construction process.

You can use the guides to: 

  • Develop feasibility studies and option appraisals 
  • Establish a robust project brief 
  • Develop the business plan and operational budget 
  • Select a procurement route and project programme 
  • Validate key project details 
  • Form a template for a future project.

The guides describe stand-alone four and five court sports halls, plus supporting changing and health and fitness facilities that are compliant with our other relevant Guidance and current industry standards.

Affordable sports halls summary brochure

July 2015
This short brochure summarises the key points from the Affordable Sports Halls document, particularly:

  • Strategic planning
  • Design
  • Capital costs
  • Operational budget
  • Programme of use.

Affordable sports halls guide 

July 2015

This is the detailed document that supports the brochure and comprises the detailed information in relation to planning, design, capital costs, operational costs, procurement and delivery.

Affordable Sports Halls 'Appendices'

July 2015

This documents give additional detailed technical information on the Court layouts, Accommodations schedule, Building fabric, Sports hall flooring, Acoustics, Structural design, Energy and sustainability, Building services and Artificial lighting.

Drawings in PDF format

Adobe Reader PDF downloadable plan, section and elevation drawings of the various sports halls option referred to in the Affordable Sports Hall guide found below.