Affordable models

As a result of continuous improvement in the design process for facility development and responding to both the economic climate and Facility Operators feedback, our Technical Team has been reviewing the varying quality of facility development and embarked on the journey of developing standard facility types for sports halls, community swimming pools and sports centres that considered design, cost, procurement and facility operation.

The result of this journey has been the establishment of “affordable” benchmark designs for:

Sports Halls (previous terminology of 4 and 5 badminton court size to new NGB requirements);

Community Swimming Pools (4,5,6 and 8 lane variants);

Sports centres (“wet and dry” including sports halls, swimming pools and health and fitness).

Affordable Sports Centres with 50m Pools

The suite of documents, drawings, business plans are aimed at the early briefing and design stages of new projects and aim to give a better understanding of how cost effective designs and efficiently operated facilities can offer resource savings and help address health, well-being and demographic issues, and better serve the specific needs of local community groups.