Local teams

We have three local teams across the country who work with local authorities and partners to ensure that sport is accessible in all regions

12 September 2017

We have a head office in London and a shared service centre in Loughborough that responds to all our funding applications and queries.

Our local outreach work is delivered across three hub areas – North, Central and South.

Each hub team comprises a Strategic Lead for Local Relationships, Relationship Managers for Community Sport, Facilities and Planning, and Local Government, and a team of Planners.

For all general enquiries please email info@sportengland.org

For planning enquiries please visit our Planning for sport page or contact the Planning Administration Team at: planningadministrationteam@sportengland.org or on: 0207 273 1777.

For funding enquiries please visit our Funding pages, and for funding or general enquiries call the funding helpline on: 0345 8508508.