Equality & diversity

We believe sporting opportunities should be open to all and we are committed to:

  • Developing a culture that enables and values everyone’s full involvement 
  • Creating an environment in which everyone has opportunities to play, compete, officiate, coach, volunteer and run community sport.
  • Overcoming potential barriers for those wishing to play sport, particularly if they are from groups who are currently under-represented in sport

How we ensure equality

Sport England’s Equality & Diversity team:

  • Working with equality organisations in sport and reviewing the Equality Standard for Sport 
  • Challenging the national governing bodies of sport to consider how they can encourage the more people from currently under-represented groups to play sport 
  • Offering specific additional funding to smaller, less well-funded sports that have the opportunity to appeal to diverse communities
  • Seeking out opportunities to work with community groups capable of delivering ‘break-through’ with different parts of the population
  • Working towards Investors in Diversity accreditiation to ensure we work in a way that supports diversity and inclusivity

Equality through partnership

We help partners such as national governing bodies deliver sporting opportunities to as many people as possible – and particularly to groups who experience specific issues that may prevent them participating regularly in sport.

We do this by working directly with:

We also develop partnerships with other equality groups.

There are a number of additional organisations that can provide further information both on equality within sport and on equality issues generally.

These include: