Active People Interactive

The Active People Interactive Tool is our unique and valuable resource to help unlock the potential of APS data

The tool allows you to create your own tailored analysis to better understand:

  • who takes part in sport (demographics)
  • how they do so (volunteering, clubs etc.)
  • where (from the national picture down to local authority level).

You can change how your results are displayed, tailor your analysis, or export the results as a .CSV file (compatible with Microsoft Excel).

Note: The Active People Interactive Tool is being updated with the latest Active People Survey data. This should be completed by the end of January 2017.

The data

The tool uses Active People Survey data, of which there have been 8 complete survey waves to date.

Each survey year runs from October to September (i.e. data for APS9 was collected from October 2014 to September 2015). Interviews take place over the course of the year. Results are released twice a year (in June and December) and always include a full year’s worth of data. For example, APS9 Q2 (mid-year results) were released in June 2015 and cover data collected from April 2014 to March 2015 i.e. the last two quarters of APS 8 data and the first two quarters of APS9.

The Active People Interactive includes full year data for each complete survey wave, and also the most recent data release.

NB: APS surveys 1-6 only applied the survey questions to those respondents aged 16 and over. APS7 is the first survey to include responses from 14-15 year olds.

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