Spotlight on Active Lives

We take a closer look at our Active Lives Adult Survey – opening the lid on the real reasons why people do or don’t get engaged in sport and physical activity

Our Spotlight series lifts the lid on the results of our Active Lives Adult Survey.

These Spotlight reports look to explore the detail behind our Active Lives Adult survey, each one focusing on a particular theme. They will add valuable insight into why certain groups of people do or don’t engage in sport and physical activity and how we and our partners could look to overcome the challenges of getting people active and engaged.

Each report provides talking points discussing what the data is telling us, as well as further insight which enables us to better understand the trends we are seeing.

Spotlight reports to date:

  • The older adults report looks at how activity levels change as we get older and explores the reasons behind the high levels of inactivity in older people.
  • Our report on lower socio-economic groups focuses on the differences in activity levels across socio-economic groups and why, in particular, the lower group are more likely to be inactive.
  • Our gender report shines the spotlight on gender and reveals why more men are getting active than women.
  • Our volunteering and gender report takes a look the gender profile in sport and physical activity volunteering, and the trend for women to be under-represented across the different volunteering roles. The report looks specifically at three life stages (students, families and retired adults) to help understand what might be driving this trend.