Volunteering evaluation toolkit

We have produced guidance on evaluation methods for your volunteering project

This guide pulls together advice and tools on how to evaluate your volunteering project or programme and understand the impact on volunteers and the wider community.

The guidance is based on the evaluation of our Volunteering Fund. It includes information about the methods used to evaluate our Volunteering Fund, explains the benefits of this approach, how to implement a similar evaluation, tips to encourage volunteers to engage in evaluation activities and how to analyse evaluation results.

As well as providing guidance on how to implement this approach to evaluation, the Toolkit includes surveys that can be downloaded and adapted to work for your project or programme to help you achieve your evaluation objectives. 

The guide and associated tools are designed to be used flexibly and so we encourage organisations to think about their own evaluation aims and use the guidance and tools as they see fit.

The approach can be used by organisations in the sport and physical activity sector but they can also be applied in other settings and contexts. It's designed to be relevant to any organisations, working with volunteers, who want to undertake evaluation activities to understand more about their approach.

Evaluation can help you to identify what works, how, in what context and for whom. This learning can help to inform, refine and improve future delivery.

The evidence you gather may also help you to better demonstrate and communicate your impact, which can encourage others to volunteer for you and support bids for future work or funding.  

This guide is complementary to and can be used alongside our main Evaluation Framework.

If you decide to use this guidance to support your evaluation then we’d love to hear from you – please get in touch with us at volunteering@sportengland.org.