Workforce survey guidance

We've put together some guidance and sample questions to help you run the best possible workforce survey

All Tier 3 partners are required as part of the Code for Sports Governance to carry out regular staff and volunteer surveys.

The surveys are intended to help organisations better understand their workforce and will also be really valuable to us, helping us to improve the support we can offer to your organisation in the future.

To assist you with the development, implementation and reporting of your surveys, we have produced guidance documents and sample questions for workforce surveys - while guidance for volunteer surveys can be found here.

They have been designed to help all organisations build a better understanding of their workforce - whether that be with advice on how to design a survey or encouraging reflection on what you already ask, we hope the guides will help to maximise the value and impact of any engagement your organisation is undertaking with your workforce.

We recognise that many organisations conduct staff and volunteer surveys already and may have been doing so for many years.

We are not seeking to duplicate efforts which may already be underway within your organisation and appreciate that it is important that any survey meets your organisational needs.

However, for the purposes of standardisation and sector-wide analysis, we have identified a small handful of questions which we would like all organisations to ask their workforce (paid and volunteers) as part of their next surveys. These questions can be found here.

If you already conduct surveys, we would ask that you incorporate into it these top-line questions which can either be in addition to, or in place of, any questions you may currently ask.

If you have not conducted surveys within the last 12 months, the guidance documents will help you to develop one which works for your organisation.

Sharing your data

The Code for Sports Governance also requires organisations to share top-line, anonymised data from the surveys with us.

As co-author of the Code, UK Sport is fully supportive and aligned with this request. They will also be asking their sole funded organisations to share their top-line data with us, as part of their requirements under the Code.

We will collate workforce data once a year in November and therefore we would ask that data is submitted by the end of October at the latest.

If you have conducted a workforce or volunteer survey within the last 12 months, please share with us as much data and insight from those surveys as possible.

Advice on what to share, and in what format, to ensure compliance with GDPR is available in the guidance documents. Data and any accompanying analysis or reports should be sent to

Should you have any questions about the development, implementation or reporting of your surveys, our workforce team are available to support you. Please contact