How can volunteering help my career or studies?

Many people find that sports volunteering is a useful stepping stone to a new career or further education.

As you volunteer, you will naturally pick up new skills and, as you develop your role, you may take on more responsibilities.

By highlighting these on your CV or in a job application, you can help show your dedication, talent and community spirit to potential employers.

What can I learn?

As well as learning skills on the ‘job’, you can also take specialist courses that will benefit you and your sports club. Popular options include first aid training, coaching qualifications, leadership awards, and umpire accreditation. There are also special courses aimed at students, such as Sports Leaders.

Remember that any experience is valuable, whether paid or voluntary, so it’s important to mention your volunteer work to employers and academic institutions.

Who pays?

Your sports club does not legally have to pay for training (unless your volunteer agreement says otherwise). But if the qualification would also be beneficial to the club, they might decide to help out with the costs. And if you’re looking to become a coach, you may be eligible for a funding programme through your local county sports partnership.

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