Could volunteering in sport help me find paid employment in it?

Volunteering in sport can help your employability in general. It’s a great way to develop new skills. It will depend on your role and whether or not you will be given training, but often you will learn things that will be useful in your career. You also meet a lot of new people through volunteering, which can help you build both the social skills and new connections that might lead to paid employment.

If you would like to work in the sports sector, volunteering won’t guarantee you a future job, but it shows a commitment to sport that will help if you’re applying for paid roles. Some roles such as coaching can be paid or unpaid, but you will probably need to start out in a volunteer role even if you do eventually get paid to coach. 

If you’re aged between 14 and 19 and in education, you might be eligible to register your volunteering hours with Lead2Employability – an online system where you can log and record your volunteering hours. You can receive certificates and other rewards to recognise the skills you have gained through volunteering.

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