What sorts of training can I offer volunteers?

Offering training to volunteers is a win-win: they get to develop their skills and your club gets to benefit from these skills in use.

Not every volunteer you work with will need training to do their role. Some roles require only basic skills, and other volunteers may already be highly skilled and simply looking for an opportunity to use their skills to help you. However, all volunteers that are new to your club should be offered some sort of induction that introduces them to the club, its members and any policies and procedures you have.

Find out how to deliver a good volunteer induction on NCVO’s KnowHow NonProfit website.

After this, the training you offer will depend very much on what the volunteer’s role is and their current skill level. When you’re training volunteers, it’s very important that the volunteering you provide is appropriate to their role. If it’s not, then the training could mean that your volunteer could be deemed to be an employee as the training may be considered a perk or benefit. This should be avoided, as it may change their legal status by conferring employment or worker rights and could have consequences for your club.

Your local county sports partnership may also have more information on courses for volunteers.

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