What sorts of volunteer roles should there be at our club?

The volunteer roles you need at your club will depend on the volunteers you already have, the skills they bring and time they commit, what you’re currently missing in terms of skills and capacity, and what your plans are for developing your club. If you’re a volunteer coordinator it’s a good idea to talk to other people at your club and get their views on this: their insight can help you get it right.

It’s best to start with the tasks you need doing first, then looking at the skills of your existing volunteers and working out where the gaps are. This will help make sure you only recruit volunteers that you genuinely need. For instance, there’s no point recruiting five new coaches if your club doesn’t need them. Volunteers who don’t feel needed generally have a poor experience and often leave, but a bit of time and thought before you go out recruiting can prevent this from happening.

Our Club Matters website also has information and a skills matrix template.

Some of the roles you need at your club will depend on how your club is structured. Read more below.

While all clubs are different, there are some roles that most clubs have in common. Check your national governing body’s website to see if they have template role descriptions. The England and Wales Cricket Board has a useful list, not all of which are cricket-specific.

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